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Air conditioning in Surrey


2 Greens Cottages, Surrey, London 2, RG-12 Bracknell

Tel: +447957587915

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Company contact detailsAir conditioning in Surrey


Certified engineers from CoolingServices24 provide clients with the best air conditioning installations on the market. They have multiple years of experience as well as the knowledge necessary to make safe and efficient systems. The company uses high-quality AC units from manufacturers such as Fujitsu, Panasonic, Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric. Engineers set them up very swiftly and ensure that the installations will work in an error-free manner. The firm delivers air conditioning in:

  • Surrey,
  • London,
  • Hampshire,
  • Berkshire.

It's very easy to cooperate with the company. Clients have to simply write an enquiry in the selected part of the website. Engineers guarantee a response within just 24 hours – they will also arrive at the address and do an examination to decide where the AC unit will work optimally. They are also able to quickly repair installations with serious malfunctions. Years of experience make it easy for them to quickly detect the source of the problem and provide a good solution.

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